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Each year there are approximately 450,000 accidents that occur between tractor-trailers and other vehicles, with 90% of these accidents resulting in at least one fatality.  Florida ranked as one of the top three states in the United States for the greatest number of truck accidents over a four-year period. But what makes a tractor-trailer so dangerous?  Here a just a couple of reasons:

  • Tractor-trailers are longer and heavier, making them much more difficult to maneuver and handle;
  • Tractor-trailers have much larger blind spots;
  • It takes much longer for a tractor-trailer to stop and/or slow down;
  • Poor Maintenance – tractor-trailers are subject to heavy usage;
  • Tractor-trailer drivers are more likely to suffer driver fatigue; and
  • Accidents involving tractor-trailers are much more serious, and often catastrophic

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a Florida trucking accident, you should seek legal counsel immediately. At SouthShore Injury Attorneys, our Riverview Personal Injury Attorneys are available to assist you around the clock. Contact Us as soon as possible for a Free Consultation so we can begin working to protect your rights. We can be reached by phone, email, or through our Contact Us Page.

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